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Embark on a thrilling 2-Day Safari Adventure that promises sightings of elephant herds within Tarangire National Park. Delight in this comprehensive Tour package that includes a visit to the renowned Ngorongoro Crater, where an ideal opportunity awaits to encounter the illustrious big 5: Leopard, Lion, Elephant, Rhinoceros, and Buffalo.

DAY 1: Exploring Tarangire National Park.

Commence your day with an early departure, either from the Airport or your Hotel, heading to Tarangire National Park. As Tanzania’s third-largest national park, it boasts expansive elephant herds as its signature feature. The park’s prominent Baobab trees and the perennial Tarangire River, serving as a life-sustaining water source, stand out as key attractions. The river attracts an array of predators and prey, providing an exceptional setting for engaging in wildlife observation. As the day winds down, enjoy both dinner and an overnight stay at the Marera Valley Lodge.

Day 2: Unveiling the Wonders of Ngorongoro Crater.

Embark on an early start at 06:00 for a captivating game drive within the Ngorongoro Crater, complete with a picnic lunch. Despite the crater’s towering 2000 ft. walls, which create a natural enclosure, diverse predators such as lions, elephants, zebras, hippos, flamingos, jackals, rhinos, antelopes, birds, and more thrive within. Our seasoned safari Driver/Guide, well-versed in the region’s wildlife, will enrich your experience by highlighting the nuances of this conservation area and its untamed terrain. Following an enriching exploration of the crater, your journey concludes in Arusha, where you’ll be conveniently dropped off at your Hotel or the Airport.

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